About Share My Sale

Little story. In the 2018 was launched the first version, it was a coupon site. But it was very very boring and stupid idea. Then I started the simple blog about fashion but with mixing with some interesting deals and sales.

I know — you love deals and sales 🙂

When I publish post about Dior collection Share My Sale was mentioned by Russian magazine about advertising  — adme.ru. And now I trying to write more interesting posts, but I need more free time for it. If you want to be a writer — please send me email.

What.. Why Share My Sale?

Because it was a coupon site.

Who am I?

I’m multidisciplinary designer with 15 years experience in graphic design and web design and illustration. This is project — is my hobby only, but I like it, I like write something interesting.  


Nope, almost. But I place affiliate links in the posts and if you buy something with my link, I will earn some commission. From 2018 I earned almost $60 🙂 But you can support me (buy me a coffee) with button ->