New interesting collaboration between Shawn Stussy and Dior. Now they celebrating the artist and designer’s roots as a surfer. 

The joint surfboard has been designed in the “Gun” shape, which s known for its streamlined silhouette and features a special fin to create a smoother and easier drive.

The board comes in a color palette of gray and “Ice Blue” on a white base, with one side featuring the “Dior” signature collage from the Fall 2020 men’s collection.

“that seems to dance on the ocean”

Speaking about the surfboard, Shawn Stussy explained his desire to create something “that seems to dance on the ocean,” while Dior artistic director Kim Jones explained the collaboration’s origins. “Shawn Stussy is one of my great heroes. He started out as a surfer, making his own boards and painted his name on them. It was quite natural for me to ask him to work together on the very first Dior surfboard.”

Limited to just 100 editions, each board takes 72 hours of handiwork to produce. Currently, there is no news on release date for the surfboards.

Image: Dior

Discover a selection of the new collection’s pieces with this first new-season drop. In exciting dialogue with iconoclastic artist Shawn Stussy*, the Fall ’20 designs by Kim Jones blend inspirations and eras, celebrating the ultra-creative influence of countercultures and sportswear imbued with unrivalled savoir-faire.