Little more than month till New Year and i want to show you snow globes by fashion brands.

Today you will see the snow globes by: Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Lanvin and other …

Louis Vuitton Snow Globe

First of all – Louis Vuitton legendary snow globes Trio. Was made in 2011, 2012 and 2013. And was sold on Christie’s auction for $2900.

Louis Vuitton Snow Globe
Louis Vuitton Snow Globe

Every snow globe package to unique packaging which contains certificate and instruction.

Lanvin – french fashion House created 5 limited edition snow globes.. Exclusive. I show it on one image. 

Some people know very little about Sonia Rykiel Fashion House (someone does not know her at all). I’ll tell you a little bit.

Sonia was born in a family of Russian and Romanian immigrants in May 25, 1930. At 17, she got a first job as a window designer in one of the textile stores. In 1962, Sonia Rykiel made the first sweaters and maternity clothes for a knitwear boutique owned by her first husband. In 1986 she opened her own boutique in Paris.

Sonya released 3 collections of underwear made in collaboration with H&M. Since 2010, Sonia Rykiel House has been launching its collections of interior fabrics, which brings even more success and honor.

Sonia Rykiel Snow Globe

Next one – Christian Dior. Dior presents excellent snow globes with their apparel and accessories. More than – A bear on one of its paws embroidered “Dior by Harrods”. Like everyone else, each snow globe is perfectly packaged and looks super-fashionable! … I doubt that at least one snow globe will appear on sale, on official sale … Maybe a new one? is not a fact.

Very Christmas snow globe by Paul Smith… I found only one, but i love it… LOVE. 

It was last snow globe, but … in the next part you will see many exclusive snow globes. You will see – snow globes by: Chanel, Harrods, Henri Bendel and Peugeot.