Rimowa presents some piece that’s guaranteed to pique your interest. The Transparent Stickers iPhone Case which comes in 3 different styles for the iPhoneXR, iPhoneXS and iPhoneXSMax.

Each iPhone case is made from shockproof PET/TPU and comes in a hardshell clear case that will withstand scratches, making it the perfect for everyday use. Better yet, it is adorned with cute Rimowa stickers that will match your accompanying luggage to perfection.

Rimowa Transparent iPhone Case
Case for iPhone XR

The RIMOWA Sticker iPhone Case combines premium protection with the look of a frequent traveller. Modelled after luggage stickers from the RIMOWA Sticker Collection, this hardshell clear case are made from shockproof TPU and PET to protect your phone against the scuffs and scratches that might happen while on the go.

Priced at EUR60 each. Stickers not available in USA, but in Europe — yes.

Get it here or in Europe local store.